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Upon meeting people, I’m impressed with the intuitive insight and energy that I receive from them. As a teenager, I was guided by an incredibly spiritually grounded woman who taught me how to tap into my intuition. As simple as it sounds, she helped helped me focus my insight by teaching me how to read tea leaves. I went on to study several methods of divination which lead me into what is now my specialty; Intuitive Tarot Consultations.

I’m also known as Mystic Mona® and featured on Jimmy Kimmel (Video below) as well as the local Fox and ABC affiliates. You may have seen my appearance on several reality programs, including the popular Las Vegas show,  Sister Wives .

I have a bachelors degree in Business Management and my intuitive abilities contributed to my successes in Business Development, Sales and Marketing.

I have 3 publications: 9 Day Energy Reset &  The Selfish Wish and am the creator of the Dice Wisdom App for iPhone & Android

I host Psychic View® radio show to answer your question live, each Saturday morning at 9AM, Pacific Time, and since 2002, hold the  Psychic Arts License  through the City of Las Vegas.  In 2018, I was honored by Mayor Carolyn Goodman for my charity with with HELP of Southern Nevada.

Mystic Mona Van Joseph on Jimmy Kimmel

Call me at 702-233-4790, or go to