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During a Dark Night of the Soul experience, Michele turned to tarot for divine guidance and as a daily escape into manifestation – she began running in her neighborhood, nearly 4 miles a day.  While running around her community she began to see tarot card signs in every day life – in clouds, lawn ornaments, fountains, signs on windows and garages, stickers on cars, retail and restaurants. Tarot is all around us. Designed to make us stop and seize the moment, understand the meaning and heed that moment’s precise divine call.  And so it is – Signs of Tarot.

Michele reads the cards from an intuitive perspective combined with key traditional meanings of the full  118 cards in the tarot deck.  She is featured for Happy Hour on special days Grape Street Cafe’ – check her website for her on-site schedule.

No two reads are alike, and there are no two cards that are ever read the same way, twice.  Each reading is personalized by your energy, your life’s experience and what  you hold dear to you in the moment. 

Signs of Tarot offers a glance into your personal journey…

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