Virginia, Las Vegas Psychic

Virginia’s areas of expertise are life coaching, Astrology, and empathetic intuition. She studied at Oxford University, London, in the Faculty of Astrological Studies. She graduated from MMS Institute of Life Coaching, has a Bachelors in Psychology and graduated from California Coast University with her MBA.

Virginia offers a balance of intellect and intuition while providing guidance and awareness for individuals of all different backgrounds. Her abilities emerged from her passion for Astrology and her own strong commitment to spiritual growth. Being an eternal student over the years, she has studied many different topics of spiritual and metaphysical areas. Her education, intuition, and skill translates individual astrology charts in a productive, inspiring and encouraging energy for her clients. Encouraged by the profound impact of Astrology in her own life, she is brings more clarity to her clients with their astrological blueprint.

Psychic Arts Licensed since 2018

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