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Rainey Day, 702-499-0698

Since birth, she has had the gift of Spiritual Insight and is a  Clairvoyant Psychic, Evidential Medium, Respected Spiritual Educator, Holistic Energy Healer, Exceptional Spiritual Channel & Accurate Medical Medium.

Rainey has a unique, authentic style of delivering accurate messages of hope, healing, optimism, love, and guidance. 

When working with her clients, Rainey always asks Spirit to show her the ‘Opportunities’ from a ‘Higher-Self‘ perspective, without emotion or ego. 

Rainey has the incredible ability to connect to the Other Side providing details ONLY YOU WOULD KNOW! Rainey is an Evidential Medium that can tap into the Spirit world and can pass along details from loved ones on the other side that  Rainey would have no earthly way of knowing.

This information, which can be undeniably verified, is the essence of a Soul’s survival beyond this physical life.  Rainey is a clear channel from the Other Side and ready to connect to your loved ones, even a beloved pet on the Other Side. Rainey brings comfort and hope her clients by reuniting them with those who they loved, lost, and crossed over.

Contact Rainey at 702-499-0698 or go to: https://raineyday.com/meet-rainey