Mystic Mona Van Joseph psychic reader in Las Vegas hosts annual Intuitive Showcase
Michele Tell

Michele Tell is the founder of The Signs of Tarot, LLC.   As an intuitive tarot reader and light worker, Michele blends insightful guidance with her divine gifts of clairvoyance (visions) and clairaliance (smells).  Her innate psychic ability provides a truly deep introspective experience she likes to call: Extremely Read Tarot Guidance.  She keeps it real.  The cards don’t like, and her reading style provides truthful insight to guide her clients on the path to find and live their personal life’s purpose. 

During a Dark Night of the Soul experience, Michele turned to tarot for divine guidance and as a daily escape into manifestation – she began running in her neighborhood, nearly 4 miles a day.  While running around her community she began to see tarot card signs in every day life – in clouds, lawn ornaments, fountains, signs on windows and garages, stickers on cars, retail and restaurants. Tarot is all around us. Designed to make us stop and seize the moment, understand the meaning and heed that moment’s precise divine call.  Her Instagram, @SignsofTarot – showcases hundreds of real-life photos that she interprets as tarot cards. 

Michele offers a wide variety of tarot spreads including general, love, career and entanglement readings.  She also specializes in the twin-flame journey and young adults – under 25.  

Michele Tell is a business leader in the community of Las Vegas and has been a resident since 1971.  She attained her Psychic Arts License in 2019.

“Keep your eyes wide open.  Keep your third eye wide, wide open.”®

-The Signs of Tarot


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